Dogsport Trials

A successful trial was held on Saturday 15th December 2018, judged by Reg Worth who is the WGSDCA Director of Judges and recently gained SV Certification. Hopefully we will have sufficient entries to hold another trial mid-year. Use the following links to download. Entry Form.

All future trials will be held under the FCI Rules that came into force 1st January 2019. The link for the rules follows,

Contact the Secretary with any queries or for an Entry Form if it doesn't download from the above link.

Trial Results:

    2018: Summer Trial

    2016: Autumn Trial

    2014: Summer Trial

    2013: Autumn Trial

    2012: Winter Trial

    2010: Spring Trial

    2010: Summer Trial

    2009: Spring Trial

2009: Winter Trial

2009: Summer Trial

2008: Sprin­g Trial

2008: Winter Trial

2007: Autumn Trial

2006: Sprin­g Trial

2005: Winter TrialSpring Trial

2004: Autumn Trial

2003: Autumn TrialSpring Trial

2002: Autumn Trial

2001: Autumn TrialSpring Trial

2000: Autumn Trial

1999: Autumn Trial

1998: Autumn Trial

1997: Winter Trial

1996: Spring Trial

1995: Inaugural Trial